Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Lit Pick & Publication Notice

In the most recent print issue of Apiary Magazine, you will find one of my pieces entitled "Small Spaces" as well as gallons of other wonderful buzzzzing by poets and writers, bees and non-bees.

Apiary is the latest thing to hit the Philadelphia lit scene and has been well received both locally and nationally.  One of the things I find most remarkable about it is the mixture of diverse voices.  The editorial focus is on the human story, not on the experience of the contributors or the mechanics of writing.  You are as likely to find internationally acclaimed, award-winning poets there as you are to find a first publication by a gifted young person.  There's always something amazing behind an Apiary cover.  I highly recommend.

They also publish an online version, equally enthralling.  I'm not much good at crits and reviews of magazines, so don't take my word for it.  Go read a blog that is updated more often than twice a year.....   seriously, why are you still here?  what are you waiting for?   go!....   now....

Apiary Magazine

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