Monday, December 27, 2010

The Common House Is Under Construction! the meantime, enjoy this post-holiday gift:

@rockefeller center I bump into a giant marching band x-mas decoration

electric hats and siren call
as red as any fat-plumed
cardinal this time of year

has landed I believe them!
I believe them max!
have faith my kinky

boot beast my sub-
mariner crunching
nuts and digits

I am twiddling!
(I twiddle!)
I am a painted bowl of ice!

I am a dancing sugar plumb!
my fairy has no wings
my ice has no tongue!

my tin man has no heart
oh take me home take me
home you deity of nails!

you harbinger of wood!
You-uniform Improvement
wind and spin me your direction

so we may hold mass
and get mechanical

© Dan Elman

This post responds to the prompt on One Shoot Sunday
Photo © Adam Dustus


  1. how cool - i really like it
    my fav line was..I am a dancing sugar plumb!.. this is really creative!
    nice to meet you dan!

  2. Very creative images and references developed from the prompt. The Common House looks cool, Dan. Hope you will continue to join in the fun. In addition to Sunday's Picture Prompt Challenge, we run One Shot Wednesday (sign up begins Tues. @ 5pm) wherein all poets are free to post a new poem. Cheers

  3. Thank you both for the warm welcome, and for reading.
    I will certainly keep an eye on the One Shot blog, now that I know about it. It was lovely reading your work on your blogs as well. Amazing how many different directions people can go with the same image, isn't it?
    Cheers & happy new year,